Sunday, October 26, 2008

Odessa Steps scene (Einsenstein 1925)

this is one of the scenes that has influence the most in the art world... and architects love tragedy.

The Fountainhead - Howard Roark's defense

start at min. 5:00

In the movie, Howard Roark was charged for destroying the Courtland homes he had designed:

“[..] Now you know why a dynamited Courtland. I designed Courtland. I made it possible. I destroyed it. I agreed to design it for the purpose of it seeing built as I wished. That was the price I set for my work. I was not paid. My building was disfigured at the whim of others who took all the benefits of my work and gave me nothing in return. [..]”

Definition of the diagram:
"You won't see us but you will see what we do"
-IBM advertising copy for 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics

P.R.P San Diego, CA. 10th Aniversary & more to come...

On Friday September 26 we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of P.R.P Shelter Island with a Fundraiser for our next year park at the Philippines. Here are some pictures from my new crazy friend from Argentina Sergio, by the way he was at the first P.R.P. at Vladivostok, Russia:
and pictures from James Hubbell house and studio:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"I'd rather be good than interesting"
mies van der rohe.