Friday, March 23, 2012

Le Cor(nudie)r Collage Competition

Here it is my proposals for the Le Cor(nudie)r Collage Competition.

Question: What they have in comment 'The German Pavilion' for the 1929 International exposition in Barcelona, Spain designed by Mies Van Der Rohe... + 'The Great Masturbator' painted by Salvador Dali in 1929 during the summer when he met Gala... + 'The Villa Savoye' built during 1929, also the year when Le Corbusier made several nude sketches of Josephine Baker (entertainer and actress) on board the Ocean Liner Lutetia while returning from South America to Europe.
They all fit in Rem's head!...The Surrealism of Dali, the Miesian aesthetic and Corbu's approach to architectural theory.

My images:
1.Rem's hottest dream
2.Walk like an Egyptian
3.'Yes'...1929, I'm coming baby!

You can see winners and all entries in the link below.

My favorite is:
"Where’s Le Nude?"