Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Imagenes del Contemporary Jewish Museum en San Francisco obra del arquitecto polaco Daniel Libeskind, visita hecha en Diciembre del 2008.

Friday, December 19, 2008


My Playground es un documental que juega con el espacio público. Su estreno sera en el verano de 2009, y podras disfrutar de interesantes perspectivas de arquitectos, filosofos, urbanistas, politiocs, entre otros. Asi como de la participacion del team jiyo (de la disciplina denominada: parkour); de tomas hechas con gran angular y en cámara lenta. Disfruta el Teaser, con el edificio Mountain Dwellings de la firma de arquitectos daneses Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) reciente ganadores del premio al mejor edificio de viviendas en el World Architectural Forum.

Diesel Wall - Barcelona '08

The sky above is the only constant factor on any building (façade) for sure, always present, with clouds circling around it, creating a natural atmosphere. Inside the building we have another type of sky: full of wires, ducts, and pipes that give life to the building, forming lines of communication, air condition, power, and electricity. This image is a contrast between natural and artificial sky, a wire/cloud passing by and reflected on the wall of the building.

Diesel Wall N.Y. '08 - Competiton

The flatness of the wall gets disturbed with his own trace. Virtually manipulated by the chaos of the surrounding env
ironment. Having 'natural and artificial' conditions: the street's dynamics, like the cars movement, the intersection of daily pedestrian, and the conglomeration of people around a point at certain hours, plus air flow waves, or the shape of passing clouds. The result is a deformed vector and/or wire, which starts to sew him. Forming 'a cross section' and creating a series of shadows on the canvas wall; overlapping one another, until giving birth to his halo: - the bluish tone on the image ghosted out behind the main vein (the continuos reddish line).