Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jean Nouvel @ UCLA 2.08.08
I'm not an architect, in the traditional sense. I'm against recipes. I like to Analise the history of the place. Analise is very important in my projects, and my office spends a lot of time doing it for every job. We have to create the future, after analyzing the past. At the "Reina Sofia" addition in Madrid, Spain, we created a contrast between the old and the new buildings, were the roof is an independent structure that works as a mirror, being supported by columns, in the appearance of needles. The "Agbar Tower" in Barcelona, is a reminisce of Gaudi's pinnacles with a pixelated facade; and at the "Quai Branly Museum", I design a building without any vocabulary, and not related to a specific type of architecture. The whole building is a random structure, and definitely not an occidental one.

Text: tjcristo
Image: tjcristo

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