Monday, January 11, 2010

Eric Yahnker

Chequense la obra de Eric Yahnker. (dale click aqui)...!

Yahnker studied journalism at USC before moving to CalArts for a degree in animation. In his second year, he worked on the story boards for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, itself a masterpiece of sophomoric potty humor and brilliant geopolitical analysis. After college, he landed a sweet gig drawing and directing Seinimation, a series of animated shorts that appear as bonus features on DVDs of Seinfeld’s last four seasons.
Yahnker manipulates language and marshals ubiquitous pop imagery to articulate an incisive critique of contemporary culture. His beautifully exe cuted drawings and sculptures have a deceptively puerile quality—consider Beegeesus, a Bible in which every word has been whited out save for the letters that sequentially spell Bee Gees—but his idées fixes linger long after the yuk-yuks have subsided.
Did you hear the one about the prostitute, the farmer, the Scientologist and the rabbi?
Eric Yahnker would likely come up with a good punch line for that joke—something involving Britney Spears or Osama bin Laden, perhaps. Social studies and political commentary are the 33-year-old, Los Angeles–based artist’s forte, and he delivers both with a loving spoonful of humor and caustic wit.

by: Los Angeles Times Magazine.

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